StarUML is a UML tool by MKLab. The software was licensed under a modified version of GNU GPL until 2014, when a rewritten version 2.0.0 was released for beta testing under a proprietary license. (Read more about it on Wikipedia)

How to crack



  1. Install StarUML
  2. Install node.js
  3. Go to <installed directory>\resources
  4. Open CMD or Powershell (as administrator)
  5. Run npm install -g asar and then asar extract app.asar app
  6. Edit <installed directory>\resources\app\src\engine\license-manager.js
  7. On line 129 (could maybe change) change setStatus(this, false) to setStatus(this, true)
  8. Go back to <installed directory>\resources
  9. Run asar pack app app.asar
  10. You’re done 🙂



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