Adobe CC Apps Cracks

Adobe makes Programs to edit Photos or videos, and make them incredible beatiful.

Using Adobe Universal Patcher you can get all apps from them for free! Adobe Universal Patcher is a solid program for Adobe applications to almost any application. A simple application available Just a Setup file of the application in the list below. Install it, and then use these crackers.

It’s quite easy to get full version of them. You only have to download the patcher.

How to crack

  1. Install your desired application with “Adobe Creative Cloud”
  2. Download the newest version of the patcher from the list below
  3. Start the patcher
  4. On the dropdown field, choose your desired application
  5. Click on “Patch” and you’re normally done.
  6. IF The product has been installed in The Default Folder, The Files are automatically Found, IF Not , then The Patcher Will You ask you to select directory.
  7. Patcher Will TRY to Find The Known Sequence. and Patch them.
  8. Now you’re definately done. It happens that when you update, the crack will be removed. But that’s no problem! Just repatch it,

Downloads & Links

Official Adobe products download pageGo
Official Adobe Patcher forum page (Russian)Go

Official Adobe Patcher Download Links (The official download will ask for username and password, enter for both fields ““)

Universal Adobe Patcher 2.0Download (Official)
Download (Mega)
Universal Adobe Patcher 1.5Download (Official)
Download (Mega)
Universal Adobe Patcher 1.4Download (Official)
Download (Mega)
Universal Adobe Patcher 1.2Download (Official)
Download (Mega)
Universal Adobe Patcher 1.1Download (Official)
Download (Mega)

v2.0 (public)
+ Completed the code refactoring
+ Removed all deprecated patterns
+ Jump to version!
+ Added new patterns
+ Added function for removing digital cert
+ Fixed check PE
+ Changed the file extension from .BAK to .DEL
+ Updated app list [2016]

v1.5 (public)
- Added CC 2015 apps
- Fixed x86 pattern
- Fixed Acrobat 9 pattern
- Removed non complete\bugged items (will be restored later)

v1.4 (public, by users request)
+ Update app list (added Dreamweaver CC 2014.1, Acrobat 9)
+ Fixed Bridge CC patch
+ Fixed CC 2014 path's

v1.3 (private)
+ Fixed HiDPI support (96/120/144 dpi)
+ Fixed PE check (v2)
+ Fixed patterns
+ Fixed dialog position

v1.2 (public)
+ Update app list (more friendly).
+ Added missing app (Flash Builder 4.7 32-bit).

v1.1 (public)
+ Added new amtlib (2014) patterns.
+ Added Adobe CC2014 apps to list.
+ Changed Media Encoder patch (test features, possible bug's ; test : ok).

v1.09 (private)
+ Added Lightroom 5.4 to list. 

v1.08 (private)
+ Fixed HiDPI list font.

v1.07 (private)
+ ReWrited patcher code.
+ Fixed PE check.

v1.06 (public)
+ Added Search'n'Replace Engine (dUP).
+ Updated all patterns.
+ Added flash disassembler and builder.
- Removed banknote protection patch.
- Removed 'Photoshop (13.1.2) Windows XP Support' patch.
- Removed AAM to UMT patch.

v1.05 (private)
+ Fixed skined items. 

v1.04 (private)
+ Drawed Adobe skin (Beta).
+ Added AAM ( to UMT patch.
+ Added banknote protection patch.
+ Added 'Photoshop (13.1.2) Windows XP Support' patch.

v1.03 (private)
+ Added 'Patch another product with amtlib' item to list.

v1.02 (private)
+ Added Lightroom 3.x-4.x apps to list.
+ Added Photoshop Elements v9-12 apps to list.

v1.01 (private)
+ Added CS5.5 apps to list.

v1.00 (private)
+ Included CS4, CS5, CS6 apps

If you encounter any issues (nag screen, application close suddenly...)

1. C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\SLCache
 * Move SLStore and SLCache folders to another place.
 * C:\ProgramData is hidden, you should see and operate hidden files.
 * Try all Adobe products that you have. If you believe that there is no problem you may delete the folders which you moved.
2. Your security software may stop the patch. Temporarily close security software or exclude the patch. It is clean.
3. You may need to restart your system and try again step 1 and step 2

Thanks to PainteR

Forum Page: (Russian)


Please keep in mind that we only give you the chance to try these products with time. It will give you the time to learn to use it properly. If you like these programms, support the developer by purchasing it.

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