Scirra Construct2 r209 Crack

Construct is an HTML5-based 2D game editor, developed by Scirra Ltd. It is aimed primarily at non-programmers, allowing quick creation of games in a drag-and-drop fashion using a visual editor and a behavior-based logic system. (Read more about it on Wikipedia)

INFO: Newest version is r239, but until now, there is no crack/key for that version

How to crack

  1. Install version r209 of Construct2
  2. Start it
  3. Go to Upgrade -> Load license file
  4. Download and insert the key c2license.txt
  5. That’s all

Downloads & Links

Official Product websiteGo
c2license.txt (For r209)Download (Mega)
c2license.txt (For r208)Download (Mega)
c2license.txt (For r206 – r207)Download (Mega)
c2license.txt (For r200 – r204.2)Download (Mega)


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